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Published author Glenn A. Bruce holds an MFA in Writing and was associate editor for The Lindenwood Review. He wrote the screenplays for Kickboxer,
Cyborg Cop, and Victor One: Undercover Cop, as well as episodes of Walker: Texas Ranger, Baywatch, the original G.L.O.W. Show, Assaulted Nuts,
and is a multiple award-winning industrial video writer-director. His short stories and poetry have appeared internationally including
Brilliant Flash Fiction,
The Best of Brilliant Flash Fiction, Shotgun Honey, Switchblade, Blue Crow, RedFez, Defenestrationism, Alfie Dog, KY Stories, Loud Zoo, Flights

(Sinclair College Journal),
The Rain, Party, Black Dog Review, & Disaster Society, Capsule Stories, Backchannels, Green Silk Journal, Dave Higgins'
Outsiders Within, The Rabbit Hole,
and many others. He was a twice-finalist in the Defenestrationism short story contest and won Also That's "Down &
Dirty" Short story Competition. His articles and essays have appeared in
The Good Men Project, Heart & Humanity, Beat Poets of the Forever
Generation, Carolina Mountain Life,
and the Earthen Lamp Journal, among others. He has also self-published nine novels and two short story
collections and written four one-act plays. He is currently penning a trio of sci-fi novels just for the hell of it.

You can find links to some of his short stories and other works here.

Glenn taught Screenwriting, Acting for the Camera, and Video Production at Appalachian State University for 12.5 years. Previously, he was Artist in
Residence at Palm Beach School of Arts, and video director for eight years at the Creative Actors Workshop in Burbank, California. He has judged film
festivals, art shows, and short story contests including
Brilliant Flash Fiction's annual contest and Defenstrationism's Bi-Annual contests from 2016 to the
present and has spoken at many writers' conferences. He has had several successful art shows and has too much art!
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In this somewhat dark, often comic look at how the
federal government would function and Americans
would react to a total ban on
ownership/possession of any and all guns, author
Glenn A. Bruce presents a “what if” of extreme
behaviors—from relief to joy to panic to violence.
Some gun owners are happy to turn over their
weapons if it means a safer gun-free America;
others will fight to the bitter end to maintain their
“right to bear arms”—often with deadly results.
Taking on the entirety of the United States
government can be hazardous to one’s health!

Underlying the methodical sweeping up of every
gun in America there emerges a shadowy plot to
do… something. We are never sure exactly what
that is until the tense and exciting climax when
secretive dark forces converge on Washington to
“finish what we started.” Is it a government-driven
“false flag”? Is it an attempted coup? Who are the
real players, and what is their intent? What is
going on in the hidden basement of an
abandoned Federal building in D.C., and what
does a loner “idealist” from a compound in Idaho
have to do with it? What about the well-meaning
new President and his snarky female VP? Are they
aware of what is happening? At all?

Everything, and everyone, is related in some way,
whether they realize it or not. They will come
together in the end to put a crushing halt to it all.
Guns will be gathered, and lives will be lost. The
Constitution will be tested, and truth will be moot.
Will America survive? Only our hero, the
mysterious ex-Marine David Billows knows—and
he is not saying. He is clearly on a mission—and
he will succeed. But at what cost?

Published by World Castle Publications, 2021
Lawrence Jefferson Taylor, a Wild West “fixer”
known in west Colorado and northern New Mexico
only as Honcho, has a past he is sure will catch
up to him one day. In the meantime, to atone for
his “sins,” Honcho helps those in need, but only
when the stakes are highest—clearing out a
saloon full of immoral gunslingers, transporting an
Indian-murdering giant known as “The Monster,”
or rescuing the lovely Ingrid from cattle rustlers
who have enslaved her. When Ingrid and Honcho
make a life together, his past does return to
cause trouble. But in the end, it may be Ingrid’s
dark past that will tax Honcho beyond his abilities
to save himself.

Set in the Colorado and New Mexico high country
of 1865-1880, He Rode is a wild, edge-of-your-
saddle ride with an honest loner seeking to rid the
territory of its worst bad men. Lawrence Jefferson
Taylor’s exploits define danger, if occasionally
with comical results, as he seeks to right wrongs,
help the people who need it most, and make
outlaws regret ever hearing the name “Honcho.”

Published by Dusty Saddle Productions, 2020
Before Lawrence Jefferson Taylor became
western “fixer” Honcho, he grew up in Natchez,
Mississippi, under the tutelage of a wise
blacksmithing grandfather, a racist father, a wild
older brother nicknamed “Menace,” and a wife-
beating uncle. In Three Rode, those lessons
converge to make for some tough years for
young Lawrence as he navigates his way around
guns, liquor, crime, and women—not always to
the best ends.

After one such unfortunate incident with a
powerful magnate’s daughter, Lawrence is
banished from his home place and sets out for
the West where he hopes to become his own
man, someday. Along the way, he adds feisty
tomboy Helen and runaway slave Cyrus as they
face fire, lynching, stampede, bushwhackers, U.
S. Marshals, and a flood. After several close
calls with death, Lawrence begins to define
himself as a fierce-hearted, morally grounded
fighter for right as he continues west, headed for
Nacogdoches, Texas, and an uncertain future.

Three Rode is an action-packed prequel to He
Rode, in which a young Lawrence Taylor sets
out at eighteen to discover the world and
himself, facing one dangerous escapade after
another with his two new friends, all of which will
eventually shape him as a champion of those in
dire trouble and a man of strong character who
will forever carry the scars of his past.

Published by Dusty Saddle Productions, 2021
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